Overnight Cat Boarding

Cage Free Boarding

We are dedicated to your cats needs giving personal attention, love and exercise so you can relax on your vacation or other event knowing your cat is in great hands. Your devotion to your cat will bring you to The Hound’s Lounge for the first time, but your cats love of  for us will bring you back time and time again.

Our overnight cat boarding allows your cat to feel right at home. The relaxing atmosphere and cat friendly staff will make sure your cat enjoys their vacation. Your cat will enjoy accommodations away from the dogs, will have free reign to an entire room that is packed with hiding spots and lots of comfortable furniture.

We provide bedding, dishes, litter and litter pans. We ask that you provide cat food, as cats can be very picky. Of course we have cat food on hand if needed but its highly suggested to bring cat food. We want your cats overnight boarding stay to be as pleasant as possible and this includes maintaining regular diets.

We realize that being away from you and their home can be very stressful situation for cats. So we ask that you keep us informed on any medical problems or special needs that your cat may have. Here at The Honud’s Lounge we know that overnight cat boarding is always a concern for loving cat parents and we want to provide a stress free experience.

Your cat will also be offered 15 minutes of lap time per day in the arms of one of our amazing team members. Some cat guests need more time than other cats to relax in their environment. Our cat friendly team has plenty of patience and gives each pet opportunity to play while getting to know their overnight cat boarding environment.

Our overnight cat boarding facility was designed to make your cat feel like it’s home away from home.

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We also require cats staying with us to have the following vaccinations: (Rabies, FVRCCP)