Dog Boarding

Cage free dog boarding for dogs under 35lbs

It’s unfortunate that there are obligations we have where we can’t bring our dogs, on a business trip, at the hospital, or just relaxing on family vacation. There are also times when it is necessary to have our dog away from the house due to events that may be stressful on them such as an evening with friends, fireworks on a holiday, an overnight party for your kids or renovations around the house.

7 Nights or more earns a free dog bath.

The Hounds Lounge, a pets paradise. The worst time to look for overnight dog boarding is at the last minute. Even before you become a dog owner you should begin thinking and planning in case you have to be away. Early on as a dog parent, you should look into dog boarding in your area so you can make an the right choice. If you wait until the last minute, the place you have to choose may be full, or may be a bad choice for your dogs needs.

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How to choose the right dog boarding facility.

Choosing the right dog boarding facility.

Trust your senses when you are visiting a potential dog boarding facility. The best dog boarding companies have ventilation systems that lessen the smell of too much dog. When you tour the dog boarding facility, make sure that the entire living quarters is clean and free of dangerous substances. The Hound’s Lounge gives living quarters tours, so come visit us prior to leaving your dog. If an dog boarding facility is hesitant about giving you a tour then this is a warning sign. To help dog parents, The Hound’s Lounge is also equipped with web cameras so you can see your dog whenever they are in open play.
While on a tour, make sure you can see how and where your dog will sleep. When dogs are not rested, just like kids the day after a slumber party, they can become grumpy and clumsy leading to injuries so having a comfortable and safe space for your dog to rest while boarding is essential.

All trustworthy overnight dog boarding facilities and dog day care providers will ask you about your dogs vaccinations and will require proof of certain shots.

The more you know about the place you choose for dog boarding, the less stressful it will be. That’s why you should always make an attempt to bring your dog to visit and play prior to an overnight stay whenever possible. Since dogs process time very differently, dropping them off and picking them up for a few days of play at different points prior to an overnight stay will lessen your dog from stressing once the overnight boarding stay begins.This helps them get to know the home and team.

Other items to help reduce stress while your dog stays is to bring something familiar for bedtime such as a bed, a handkerchief that smells like you and you should always bring their regular food. The Hounds Lounge always provides house food if needed but it is especially important to maintain their regular diet on an overnight boarding stay.

While it’s normal to feel sad when you leave your dog behind, doing so can cause your dog to sense your emotions and can become upset. its recommended to keep the goodbyes short just like any other day. You will come back to find that your dog enjoyed his doggie vacation.

Our overnight dog guests are allowed to socialize with other dogs and staff all day and night. They play in the common areas and will be taken on walks. At night, the dogs stay in the home but rest assured they are not left alone over night. If your dog prefers sleeping in a crate, we can accommodate as long as you bring your own crate.

Because we are a cage free boarding facility we have certain requirements to ensure the dogs that stay with us are completely safe and happy. For that reason we have a careful screening process.