Cat Grooming

Where can i get cat grooming services?

Here at The Hounds Lounge, we know getting cat grooming services is essential for a lot of reasons. From controlling shedding to coat and skin health, regular cat grooming has many benefits that we would like to share with you.

Call us now to book your cat grooming appointment. If you are looking for more information on the benefits of cat grooming see below.

Top 5 reasons for Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming top 5

Control Shedding

Shedding is also a major issue that can be remedied with cat grooming. While shedding cannot be completely avoided, daily brushing and weekly baths with a conditioning shampoo will save time having to vacuum or sweep as often. When you regularly use a pet brush, since the brush stimulates oil producing glands in the animal’s skin that help keep it healthy and hanging onto hair. Sometimes it is easier and better to have your cat groomed by a professional. Our team will know the proper way to groom your cat, specific to each breed and will be able to trim your cats hair, which is especially helpful for cats with thick hair.

Avoid Medical Problems

Checking your cats eyes, teeth, and ears regularly, can help you avoid major medical bills. Many cat breeds are susceptible to illnesses that can be caught early, simply by paying attention to your cat and thoroughly checking the cats entire body during cat grooming sessions.

Dental Health

Brushing a cats teeth can be important. A cats dental health can have a major effect on its overall physical well being. By keeping your cats teeth clean, you will also help keep the cat well between vet check-ups.


Cats feel better when they are groomed, and also tend to get more oohs and awws. Keep your cat in pristine condition by tending to its needs and getting cat grooming services. Avoid matted hair that is hard to untangle, nails that are too long or curled and other issues. They do it at the cats pace with understanding, love and patience.


Cat grooming helps the cat become accustomed to being touched. Brushing your cats hair each evening can help relax you, as well as your cat.

The majority of our long term customers take advantage of the opportunity to get their cats bathed while they are staying with us, whether they are long or short haired. We make sure they are nice and clean when they get home plus the cats are always grateful to be clean.